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Cheapest graphic tablet for drawing, online education, E-signature or OSU gaming

 Cheapest graphic tablet for drawing, online education, E-signature or OSU gaming


About this item (VEIKK S640 Graphics Drawing Tablet)

VEIKK S640 graphic tablet is designed for drawing, online education, E-signature as well as OSU gaming etc. It is perfect replacement for a traditional mouse. S640 has 6x4 inch active area. Built-in USB cable design perfectly avoid the loss of the cable so that you won’t have the trouble of can’t start the art work because of the cable’s loss.
S640 drawing tablet has Ultra-thin and Ultra-lightweight body, which is only 2mm thickness, 117g weight, it is the thinnest of all the same size computer graphics tablets. It is portable and you can create your art work anywhere.
The P01 Battery-free pen, allowing you constant uninterrupted drawing and playing. 8192 level of pressure sensitivity can identify any subtle strokes, accurately determine the mouse position, and make fun for your artistic creation or game life.

 VEIKK S640 digital drawing tablet is compatible with Windows, Mac and Android. It can be used for E-learning, compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Zoom, Xsplit etc. It is also compatible with most drawing software such as Adobe Photoshop, SAI, AI, Autodesk Sketch Book, Comic studio, Maya etc.
VEIKK provides one-year hardware warranty and lifetime free driver update, you will get professional suggestion if you meet any problem for all VEIKK drawing tablets. We are always here for our customers.

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 Product List:
    1 x Pen Tablet
    1 x Passive Pen
    1 x Pen case
    8 x Extra Pen Nibs
    1 x USB Cable (build-in tablet)
    1 x Art Glove
    1 x pen Nib Clip
    1 x Quick Start Guide
    1 x Driver Download Card
    2 x OTG Connector

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